Columbia City Community & Family Chorus
Spring Concert
to benefit
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Friday March 31    7:30p
Columbia City Church of Hope
3818 S Angeline St Seattle, WA 98118
suggested donation $10-20

Please join us as we share our music in service to the cause of justice and equity for all people, no matter where they were born. Special musical guests the Blue Janes, Linda Severt and the Warm Strings. It will be a fun and soulful evening of music and community, hope to see you there!


 Thursday Morning Alleleu

My new CD is hot off the press is now available for download or purchase via CDBaby and Bandcamp (you can also play a Kathleen Tracy station on Pandora). I’m calling this album my love letter to the world. There’s a tinge of irony to this, as in many ways Thursday Morning Alleleu is a response to the death of my sister Penny from ovarian cancer in 2011. Since then, everything has become more shadowed, and more luminous, as the fleetingness of life embeds itself ever more vividly into these aging bones. The pain and rage of grief, and the ultimate need to finally just surrender to it, seem to be refining some dross out of me. With that comes a new urgency to express that which needs to be expressed, right now. Riffing off a line from Marie Howe’s poem The Gate, “who knew it would be through the gate of your absence, that I would finally step into the fullness of my life.”

The most powerful part of this time has been the necessity of being more emotionally transparent with people. Of being vulnerable, because there was no other way to be. When something breaks you open that fiercely,  as you slowly pull yourself back together the pieces are just not going to reassemble in the same old way. It hurts like hell, and I am so grateful and in awe of the freer, more spacious home my heart inhabits now.

These songs literally saved my life. Most were written in the past five years. I was grieving, and also raising my daughter, experiencing that same fleetingness of life in other more wondrous ways. The solace and transcendence I found in Nature find their way into the music. And, most delightfully, I fell in love.

So, this album is a love letter. A love letter to the fact that we are all living and dying at same the time, in every moment. All of us  broken, all of us free. Here’s to the luminous inside both you and me.

In my world, everybody sings

Take a break from the digital,distracted madness of modern life and hit that big reset button in your heart through the simple, magical ritual of singing together!


Columbia City Community Chorus
& Columbia City Family Chorus
Spring Session
Tuesdays April 18 – June 13
6-7p Columbia City Family Chorus
7:30-9p Columbia City Community Chorus
Columbia City Church of Hope
3818 S Angeline St Seattle WA 98118

all singing abilities welcome!

Columbia City Family Chorus 6-7p

Bring the kids, the cousins, the grandparents – or just yourself! Looking for a way to spend some fun family time, hang out  with your friends and neighbors and sing your hearts out?  Come join the Columbia City Family Chorus!

Columbia City Community Chorus 7:30-9p

Singing together for eight years and still having fun! The Columbia City Community Chorus welcomes people of all ages and musical training to come together in a fun, inclusive and spirited singing community.  All ages and singing abilities welcome.

CCCC capped off our Fall Session by videoing ourselves singing Light Returns Again. A song for our times indeed.

Here we all are singing This Is My Song at our Spring Concert this past March. We had a great time singing and raised $1234 for Mary’s Place!

I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing.
~William James

The Columbia City Family Chorus got a nice mention in this recent Parent Map article on  how local families define spirituality, in old ways and new. Check it out here!